Sunday, December 6, 2009

OK its time to get ready for our family gift exchange. We will be doing a Yankee Swap and here are the rules.

Each person that wants to participate will bring a wrapped gift with a value under $50.00. The gift will have a tag with the name of the person that brought the gift.

After person #1 has opened their gift, person #2 can either take the gift that person #1 has opened or select another gift from the grouping. If person #2 has taken the gift from person #1, #1 is now to take another gift from the grouping and open it. If person #2 has selected from the pile, it is now person #3's turn. Person #3 can take a gift from the grouping or take the gift that either #1 or #2 has opened. This will continue until all of the gifts have been distributed.