Sunday, August 22, 2010

Run in the Woods

So we are coming home from dinner last night around 9. I round the corner at the bottom of the hill and there is a guy in the middle of the road on his cell. I go around and start up and go around the corner and find a pickup on its side. Well I guess I know what the guy on the cell was doing. I check to see if there is anyone else in or under the truck, all empty and clear but smells like beer. I figure I should go back down and see if the guy is alright. Get down there and I don't see him. I thought maybe he might be hiding so I yell "hey you". He comes out of the woods and ask do I know you? should I be scared of you? whats your name? I start to think shouldn't I be asking these same questions asshole? Anyway I ask if he is OK and start to smell the beer. He says "I just need to get it back on its wheels". I say "thats not going to happen". He then runs back into the woods. I went home enough excitement for one night

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Georgie

Four years ago Georgie and I were married. 8years ago we had our first date  (give or take a week). It been a wonderful and happy time. I am looking forward to many more. Love U Georgie

Monday, August 16, 2010


 Dean and I did the toy run on Saturday. 900 plus riders thru Barre and Montpelier.

I noticed that my neighbor got a new pickup truck. He works for Vtrans and cause he is and important supervisor we give him a truck to drive back and forth to work. Why can't he use his own vehicle? I am sitting here trying to figure out what kind of emergency we could have that would require him to respond from home. Should he be going to the garage and get a dump truck, loader or grader?  I think that a $35000 commuter vehicle is way excessive not to mention 8mpg and foot the gas bill also.  I bet we could just pull this benefit, if they don't like it then I'm sure that we can someone from the construction industry to gladly fill the position.

Monday, August 2, 2010


wow 5 nice days in a row. Got things cleaned up after the big wind storm. Hot tub drained, cleaned and refilled. I spent my evenings last week working on Georgies computer. I finally gave up on Sunday and ordered her new iMac. 
I see that our candidates for Governor are starting to run there commercials, I am glad that Peter and draw arrows on a white board (I know politically incorrect). Typical for him to point and blame the problems on someone else.
Happy Birthday Shelly, hope you had a great day.

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