Sunday, January 31, 2010

Viagra and Toilets

The end of another week, and 7 days closer to spring. Made a trip over to the Pines on Friday night. Saw a old friend that could stay for long cause he had taken his Viagra two hours earlier and really needed to get home. Dean and I donated to the pool table fund, seems that we can never win a game there and just feed dollar after dollar into the table. Spent some time this afternoon brushing Cash. Its hard to believe the amount of hair that comes off that dog. I got a hand written thank you from Wilkins on Thursday for doing business with them, wish that more people (including myself) took the time to do just that. I does make a difference. I hope that everyone has had a chance to check out the full moon that we have.
No new pictures this week, but in looking at some older ones I came across this one of Cash when he was a small puppy. He used to like to get between the toilet and the wall. It was a nice cool spot. Looking at him know its hard to believe that he could fine into such a small spot.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time for Spring

I had way to much fun at Wilkins Harley Davidson yesterday. Looks like they are making my new bike in Milwaukee within the next couple months. I expect it to be here in April, just in time for the riding season to start.      It is safe to say that I can't wait for winter to be over. The next thing will be to get Georgie's hot tub.

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22

Happy Birthday to my one and only Sister. Hope that you have a great day:)

{coment from J}
Hi Brian,
Of course I checked your blog today (like I do every day).. Thank you for the birthday wish and photo thing. I would've posted a "thank you" on your blog, but we all know you're the only one who can post on your blog because its YOUR Blog! LOL.. Love you lots Bro! Thanks for thinking of me.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Friends

I went to Boston this past weekend to visit a old friend that I haven't seen to 20 something years. What a great thing this was for me. I haven't many close friends and this get together was something else. I found it interesting that after not seeing him for so long and trying to catch up on the past that only a few things in my life really matter. Georgie, my family, my health, and Cash. Sure a lot of things happen in our lives but they only change the  direction we go. The outcome is only what matters.

Looking forward to see the Bitter Root Valley this spring.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green Mountain Boys

We should not forget about the Green Mountain Boys. They are finishing up the training now

Sergeant Matthew Wells and Maia Turlo of Lyndonville share one last moment before Matthew heads out with 400 Vermont National Guard to Camp Atterbury in Indiana where he will receive his final training before being deployed to Afghanistan January 1, 2010. Photo by Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist

Cash and Me

The end of a quiet weekend comes to close. It included a ride up home, GFI outlets, Smoke Detectors, Wine, Shrimp, Chicken Wings, Football and more Football. With all that Cash and I had some much needed bonding time.  He has had friends over for the last 3 weeks and I think he was missing being the only child. I talked to a old friend from my time in the Army that I was able to find after 23 years. Looking forward to a face to face in Boston next weekend. Finally got the web site up for Midnight Mountain. It still needs some work but all in all it should work. Missing my wife and hoping that she has a safe trip home. Time to get back to Football

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The girls made me do it

a video that we thought was good

First Date

I had my first date of the year with Georgie last night. We went to a Norwich hockey game. We had a wonderful time. Great seats thanks to DJ (a Norwich Captain) and Dean. It was a very exciting game in the first period, when the cadets blew it open with a 4-0 win. They ended up with 40+ shots on goal vs 10. We have tickets for Tuesdays game and are looking forward to our second date
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