Sunday, August 22, 2010

Run in the Woods

So we are coming home from dinner last night around 9. I round the corner at the bottom of the hill and there is a guy in the middle of the road on his cell. I go around and start up and go around the corner and find a pickup on its side. Well I guess I know what the guy on the cell was doing. I check to see if there is anyone else in or under the truck, all empty and clear but smells like beer. I figure I should go back down and see if the guy is alright. Get down there and I don't see him. I thought maybe he might be hiding so I yell "hey you". He comes out of the woods and ask do I know you? should I be scared of you? whats your name? I start to think shouldn't I be asking these same questions asshole? Anyway I ask if he is OK and start to smell the beer. He says "I just need to get it back on its wheels". I say "thats not going to happen". He then runs back into the woods. I went home enough excitement for one night