Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too Busy Texting

Well what a fun weekend. Thanks to all that came to Georgie's birthday party. It was lots of fun seeing everyone. Not much new this week except that I almost traded some paint with a trooper on the interstate. Seems he was too busy texting to notice that his lane was running out. Goes to show that just because they have a badge, doesn't alway make them right. I think the state police need a policy of NO CELL PHONES WHILE THE VEHICLE IS MOVING.  It bad enough that they have to push all the buttons for the radio, lights, siren, and what ever other gadgets they have.

Had a nice long bike ride on Sunday afternoon. When all over central VT. Looking forward to the mornings getting a little warmer.

Mowed and trimmed the lawn for the  first time this year. I guess its official spring has sprung.