Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Happy

Another great week. We finished the low level ropes course on Saturday, thanks to Nick and Tom. It was great having Amanda with us this weekend. I hope that she had fun. For sure Cash did. He was so tired on Sunday from all the playing he could hardly move.

A great time for all at the Beer Olympics. No one got hurt or in trouble ( and improvement from last year) and home safely.

Sunday was a day to recover. Did manage to get in a ride in the afternoon with Chuck, but by the looks of the weather there won't be much riding this week.

Apologies to George's Automotive in Montpelier. I didn't realize that you were so sensitive. I would rather take my business elsewhere also, and will pass along to all my friends to do the same. yes my bite is as bad as my bark. Maybe next time you will think twice before belittling by wife.

Happy (early) Birthday to Georgie.